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VPN Connection Per App:
High Complexity Feature For Multiple Platforms

Research •  Concept  •  Low & High Fidelity Flows  •  User Testing

Problem: This feature lets you control your VPN connection's behavior on a per-app basis. It was a project for multiple platforms with challenges centered around the complexity of the technology and the highly technical lingo.

Process: This kind of functionality being new in the industry, we began by doing extensive research and exploring patterns and concepts for Android; once we felt comfortable, we moved into designing more complex interactions, going through several mockups (low and high fidelity) and validation of our ideas and hypotheses using remote and in-person usability testing, which uncovered friction with the labeling for which card sorting was applied to make it more clear and reduce the cognitive load.

Concept Exploration And Flow Creation


Testing phase: Card Sorting and Remote unmoderated Testing

Results Analysis and Synthesis


Outcome: We obtained similar patterns in all platforms already proven to be easy to learn and to digest, even when the functionality and complexity were different between them. Some challenges regarding labeling are being improved with every iteration.


Designed for VyprVPN by Golden Frog, 2015