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Searchability and categorization improvement
by using Information Architecture principles 

User Research • User Testing • IA Proposal

Problem: We had two blog sections in the company website with messy categorization and labeling that made it difficult for the user to filter posts and discover new ones (more than 30 categories, 100+ labels).

Process: The project was broken into two phases. During phase one, we applied open card sorting. Participants were given 20 cards with blog post titles and asked to group them and come up with their own names for these groups. This was done to understand how users would browse for the content that we post.

Phase One: Open Card sorting

Based on Phase one, we made several hypotheses for the categories. These hypotheses were then validated by using closed card sorting (Phase 2). Five category names were provided, along with 20 blog post titles; participants were asked to organize the cards under a category.

Phase Two: Closed Card Sorting


Outcome: We were able to improve the searchability and quick scanning of posts, and kept only one blog section for the entire website.

Designed for Golden Frog, 2015