Being a good designer is not only about having great ideas and good intentions but also about knowing how to approach these ideas, communicate them, and turn them into a reality in situations that are far from ideal.

By understanding the problem, performing extensive research, making decisions objectively, prioritizing, and testing, I strive to develop a solution that is best for the user and the company.

VPN per App: High Complexity Feature For Multiple Platforms

This feature lets you control your VPN connection's behavior on a per-app basis. It was a project for multiple platforms with challenges centered around the complexity of the technology and the highly technical lingo.


Searchability And Categorization Improvement By Using Information Architecture Principles

We had two blog sections in the company website with messy categorization and labeling that made it difficult for the user to filter posts and discover new ones (more than 30 categories, 100+ labels).


App Settings For Multiple Platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS, 

The executive board wanted to add more visibility to the entire portfolio of the company (support links, products, apps) which landed me with a list of around 30 new items that needed to be added to our settings screen.


file uploader for a web application

In order to upload files to the collaboration tool, the user needed to use the browse dialog, an old inflexible pattern that made the task tedious and slow.


VPN App For A Linux Based Router

To escalate the VyprVPN app to a router environment which is considerably less flexible, and more technical when compared with other platforms in terms of design and interactions.


Tool For Creating Digital Lessons (E-Learning)

Due to the lack of good applications to create digital classes, college teachers depended almost completely on other people to create and update their online courses, which resulted in a very convoluted process and a lot of time wasted. The goal was to propose an user-friendly tool for creating digital lessons.