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file uploader for a web application

Concept • Low & High Fidelity Flows • Visual Design

Problem: In order to upload files to the collaboration tool, the user needed to use the browse dialog, an old inflexible pattern that made the task tedious and slow.

Process: We started the project by understanding the business requirements and researching design patterns to solve similar problems. After this we created low fidelity mockups to discuss with the team, followed by a high fidelity mockup and a detailed interaction pattern. We also developed the visual elements for the new dynamic interface and its controls. We put recommendations on the table for design elements such as animated transitions, ensuring that each element is in line with the tool's look and feel.

Basic interactions

Outcome: The enhanced system allows the user to add multiple files and folders using drag and drop. It also notifies the users if it encounters a problem with uploading the files, provides an easy way to remove problematic files and/or cancel the action.



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