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App Settings For Multiple Platforms

Research • Low & High Fidelity Flows • User Testing

Problem: The executive board wanted to add more visibility to the entire portfolio of the company (support links, products, apps) which landed me with a list of around 30 new items that needed to be added to our settings screen.

Process: After we gathered all the information that they wanted to add and why, we performed market research to learn how other applications are dealing with the same problem and proposed a strategy to make the items easy to read and navigate on each platform. I also worked on the categorization of the items, the information architecture, and made recommendations for the visual design. After our first version was deployed, it was decided to include icons to the items to help with the scannability.

First round of Hypothesis


Concept exploration and flow creation

Basic structure


Outcome: After completing the design for Android devices, it was scaled to iOS, Windows and Mac (adhering to design guidelines for each platform). Even with long list of items included, the design remained clean and easy to scan. 

Settings Structure

Android Demo


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